I AM is the fascinating costume jewelry brand for women, who know what they want. We bring every style to perfection and turn clothes into looks.

I AM is a declaration of love to femininity. We celebrate cutting edge trends as well as timeless classics. Our label YSTRDY completes the core collection with textile accessories, watches and much more.

I AM is located in Cologne and now runs more than 170 stores in 20 European countries. Our jewelry is also available at many partnering shops. Find your nearest location here.


YSTRDY is the brand for all textile accessories and more in our I AM stores. Feminine, modern and surprising.

YSTRDY offers a huge amount of variety: from shawls, scarves, hats, gloves, purses, wallets and belts to watches and umbrellas. All YSTRDY products complement the collections from I AM: the perfect couple.

YSTRDY accessories are available in more than 170 I AM stores around the world. Find your nearest store here.


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    I AM

    Trend Item


    English Version

    9.4.14 / Trend Item

    Statement Necklaces

    Mit Statement Ketten kommen wir so richtig in Sommerlaune, denn sie sind das Trend Accessoires der Saison. Ohne den aufsehenerregenden Blickfänger am Hals ist kein Outfit komplett. Und damit auch für jeden Geschmack die richtige Kette dabei ist, hat I AM jetzt eine riesige Auswahl an Statement-Ketten ab 8,95 € im Store.

    Statement necklaces get us into the real summer mood, because they are the ultimate trend accessory of the season. No outfit is complete without the sensational eye-catcher around the neck. And to make sure, there is a necklace for every taste, I AM has a huge variety of statement necklaces in store now, starting at 8,95 €.

    I AM addicted

    Sweet ∑

    English Version

    4.4.14 / I AM addcited

    Sweet Luxury

    Süß wie Schokolade finden wir diese neue I AM addicted Kollektion in Gold mit Honig- und Brauntönen. Ganz angesagt sind die Teile im Schildplatt Look. Kennen wir schon länger von unseren Sonnenbrillen, jetzt hält das gefleckte Material auch beim Schmuck Einzug. Kombiniert mit glitzerndem Strass sieht der sportliche Schildplatt richtig toll aus.

    We find this new I AM addicted collection in gold with honey and brown hues is as sweet as chocolate. Absolutly up to date: styles in tortoise look. We know it from our sunglasses, now the spotted material finds its way into jewelry. In combination with glitzy rhinestones it looks totally rad.

    27.03.14 / Get The Look

    Festival Styles

    Die Sonne und der Festival Kalender des Jahres sind erschienen. Yeah! Ob Melt oder Coachella, es ist niemals zu früh ist, das passende Outfit zu planen. Festivals sind die perfekte Zeit einen coolen, bohemian Look zu tragen. Jeansshorts, zerfetzte T-Shirts und die richtige Portion trendy Schmuck dazu: Western Styles, Federketten und exotische Muster machen deinen Look perfekt.

    English Version

    The sun is out, so are this year's festival dates. Yeah! Melt or Coachella, it is never to early to plan the matching outfits. Festivals are the perfect time to get into a cool, bohemian Look. Denim shorts, destroyed t-shirts and the right amount of trendy jewelry: Western Styles, feather necklaces and exotic patterns make your look complete.











    sun is out, so are this year's festival dates. Yeah! Melt or

    Coachella, it is never to early to plan the matching outfits.

    Festivals are the perfect time to get into a cool, bohemian Look.

    Denim shorts, destroyed t-shirts and the right amount of trendy

    jewelry: Western Styles, feather necklaces and exotic patterns make

    your look complete.





    Color Trend


    English Version

    20.3.14 / Color Trend

    Bright White

    Heute ist Frühlingsanfang und Zeit für unsere Lieblingsfrühlingsfarbe: Weiss. Auf den Laufstegen und in den Magazinen gab es schon tolle Looks in Weiss zusehen, gerne auch von Kopf bis Fuß. Das mag nicht das richtige Outfit sein um einen Teller Spaghetti mit Tomatensosse zu verputzen, aber wir lieben den frischen Look. Perfekt dazu: Der leuchtend weisse Schmuck von I AM.

    Today is the beginning of spring and time for our favorite spring color: White. Great looks all in white have been on the runways as well as in the magazines, preferable head to toe. Maybe not the right outfit to enjoy a plate of Spaghetti with tomato sauce, but we love the fresh look. Perfect with it: The bright white jewelry by I AM.

    I AM addicted


    English Version

    13.3.14 / I AM addicted


    This month's I AM addicted collection fulfills every girls dream: Bright pink flowers, sparkling beads and soft roses come together to create a super feminine collection. With nature blooming, we are ready to make a bold, colorful statement of our own. With a popping flower necklace, we create a spring styling, that will get as much recognition as the first tulips. So will the facetted rings, glamorous earrings and multi-strand bracelets. But not only is I AM addicted the most fashion forward collection, it also uses high quality materials. Real glass beads, semi-precious stones  and sophisticated platings enrich all pieces. For that extra sparkle, that we want right now.

    4.3.14 / Color Trend

    Loving Black & White

    Black and white basics, like a white t-shirt with a black blazer are certainly among the styles we go to, when we want an easy, stylish look. But sometimes we are asking ourselves if we can't do better. If this choice isn't a little too easy, or even boring? Well, we looked into it and found out: that is not the case.

    English Version

    Our new collection Tori shows, what happens, when the neutral colors get together and prove to be not only the essence of sophistication, but also fun and exciting. So, if you are also looking to renew your love affair with all things black, white, and timelessly cool, head to your next I AM store and check out this collection.

    New in Stores

    This jewelry

    English Version

    19.2.14 / New in Stores

    This Jewelry Rocks

    Modern lines, new surfaces and semi-precious stones make this new collection called Marble a highlight in our stores right now. We picked our five favorite pieces for you. The great gold necklace with the grey and rose stones is our most picked adornment at the moment. We style it with a casual grey sweater as well as an elegant blouse, it just always looks great. And these extravagant earrings are real eye-catchers, that got us a lot of compliments already. Exactly what we want! The large necklace with semi-transparent stones and gold accents is a great style for an evening out on the town. This piece and a deep neckline will turn more heads than you expected! Just go out and try it!

    New in store


    English Version

    10.2.14 / New in stores

    Western Inspiration

    Trendsetters's love affair with the stylish Western shirt is easy to spot on the streets from London to Berlin. Far away from the Rodeo farm, the shirts dazzle with studs, sequins and pearls. A perfect sign, that western style can look rustic and chic at the same time. City-slick cowgirls are mixing decorated shirts with up-to-date metallic sheen for a look that is fresh and tough-luxe. Lucky for us we found the perfect jewelry to go with our fringe t-shirts, suede jackets and sexy denims. Engraved bracelets, metallic stones and glossy silver make I AM's absolutly up-to-date. American native motives give them the western chic we are graving right now. Makes us want to galopp to the store! Yeehaw!

    In Stores Now

    Crazy For
    Daisy ∑

    English Version

    3.5.14 / In Stores Now

    Crazy for Daisy

    Yellow makes you happy, daisies make you happy. Naturally, yellow daisies make you super happy. Flower motives are one of the biggest spring trends, dresses with millefleur patterns were spotted left and right on the runways. Valentino, Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent showed great looks, either in stylish shapes with white collars or as feminine frocks with lovely bow details. But while an original designer dress might kill your entire spring fashion budget, our I AM flower accessories are much more affordable and even cuter. If you like bold statement necklaces or delicate rings is a questions of taste. Our favorites are the translucent styles with flowers in them. Don't they just look like a frozen spring day?

    I AM addicted

    The Big
    Blue ∑

    English Version

    29.12..13 / I AM addicted

    The Big Blue

    Kate Middelton, Victoira of Sweden or Latitia of Spain: Not matter, how old we are, a part of us stills wants to play princess. There is a certain fascination about the idea. Beautiful robes, elegant hairdos and - absolutely essential – the crown jewels. And even though, we know that Prince Harry might not pick us after all (but we are still hoping, so back off sisters) the least thing we can get is the crown jewels. Ok, not exactly the real deal, but a glamorous version, affordable to the normal girl we might stay. Huge gemstones, lavish designs and noble materials make our current I AM addicted collection so special. Harry, we are coming!

    Cool Classics

    King ∫

    English Version

    22.11.13 / Cool Classics

    King Creole

    Round, rounder, hoops. This light and shiny earrings are definitely an all-time classic in our jewel box. And we love the signature plain style, but who minds a little more from time to time? This selection brings together the finest interpretation of the classic hoop. Pearly spikes rock every outfit, if you are into elegant and edgy. The hexangular version in super-trendy rose-gold is perfect for the understated fashionista. Like the bohemian style better? Try the black leather adorned styles. Day or night, summer or winter, with your flirty dress, grunge shirt or furry sweater: Hoops enhance every look and give your face a very cute frame. Just hoop-fabolous!

    In Love Today

    23.4.14 / Star of the Month


    English Version

    Styling Tip

    Style of
    Love ∑

    English Version

    18.4.14 / Styling Tip

    Style of Love

    Egal ob direkt am Altar oder im Publikum, Hochzeiten sind einer unserer liebsten Gründe für eine romantische Frühlingsfeier. Natürlich auch deshalb, weil es kaum einen besseren Grund gibt, seine innere Prinzessin herauszukehren und in schönen Kleidern und Accessoires zu schwelgen. Diese besonders romantischen, goldenen Schmuckstücke mit Strasssteinen findet ihr gerade im I AM store.

    No matter, if directly at the altar or in the audience: Weddings are one of our favorite reasons for a romantic spring celebration. Of course one of the reason being, that we can realease our inner princess for a day and indulge in beautiful dresses and accessories. These romantic accessories in gold with rhinestones are available at I AM stores now.

    Pretty Patterns

    Prints ∑

    English Version

    14.4.14 / Prints

    Porcelain Prints

    Drucke, inspiriert von den romantischen Mustern alten Porzellans, haben diesen Sommer Hochkonjuktur. Auf den Laufstegen dieser Welt als großzügige Allover-Drucke, für Dich etwas dezenter als cooles YSTRDY Tuch in Deinem I AM Store. Unsere blau-weissen Tücher aus Baumwolle und Seide passen toll zur Dark Denim Jacke oder zum weissen Frühlingskleid.

    Prints, inspired by romantic patterns of ancient china are booming this summer. Seen on the runways of the world as ample allover prints; for you a little more subtle as cool YSTRDY scarves at your I AM store. Our blue and white foulards are made from cotton and silk. They look great with a dark denim jacket or that white spring dress.

    7.4.14 / Spring Trend

    Romantic Party Styling

    Frühling ist nicht nur die Zeit um sich über die wunderschönen Blumen in der Natur, sondern auch auf zahlreiche Festivitäten zu freuen. Und weil wir beim Styling für Bälle und Parties optisch nicht hinter der Natur zurückstehen möchten, hat I AM eine romantische Kollektion in zarten Pastellen und herrlichen Blumenmotiven im Store. So strahlen wir mit der Natur um die Wette.

    English Version

    Spring is the time to be happy: About the wonderful flowers outdoors as well as about many upcoming festivities. And because we do not want to stand back of nature when it comes to our spring styling, I AM offers a romantic collection in tender pastels and with delicious flower motives in stores. Now we can shine as bright as nature!



    Spring Trend

    Coral ∫

    English Version

    5.4.14 / Spring Trend

    Coral Grace

    Nichts bringt uns so sehr in Frühlingsstimmung wie die ersten Farbtupfer, genau wie diese rötlichen Korallentöne. Eine toller Farbe: Klassisch, aber dennoch frisch. Mädchenhaft und dennoch up to date. In Verbindung mit nautischen Motiven kommt sofort Ferienstimmung auf. Einfach coraltastic!

    Nothing gets us more into spring mood than the first hints of color, just like these redish coral hues. What a great color: Classic, yet fresh. Girlish and still up-to-date. We are in vacation mode immediatly, when it comes in company of nautical motives. Just coraltastic!

    Trend Collection

    XXL Chains

    Es kommt nicht auf die Größe an. Naja, bei unserer Trend Kollektion Chunky mit XXL Ketten stimmt das definitiv nicht. Massive Gliederketten und übergroße Schriftzüge in einem gekonnten Mix aus Gold und Silber sorgen in diesem Frühling solo oder im Team für Furore. Die passenden Ringe, Armbänder und Ohrringe findet ihr jetzt ebenfalls in Eurem I AM store.

    English Version

    Size does not matter. Well, that saying definitly is not true when it comes to our trend collection Chunky. Massice chains and oversized writings in a slick combination of gold and silver will be a show-stopper this spring, worn seperate or in layers. Find the matching rings, bracelets and earrings at your I AM store now.

    21.3.14 / Star of the Month


    Happy Birthday, Widder! Dein Herrscherplanet ist der feurige, rote Mars. Kein Wunder, dass Du ein heisses Temperament hast. Du bist der Solist, der gerne die Bühne für sich einnimmt und dabei den Leuten den Kopf verdreht. Auffällige Accessoires und Eyecatcher sind genau Dein Ding. Schnapp dir den verzierten Fedora Hut, den bedruckten Schal und die Nieten-Clutch und sei der Star Deiner Geburtstagsparty.

    English Version

    Happy birthday, aries! Your ruler is the fiery red Mars, so no wonder you have a hot temperament. You are a solo star, who likes to take center stage and your looks turn heads. Bright and eye-catching accessories are exactly down your alley. Grab that adorned Fedora, printed scarf and studded clutch and be the star at your birthday party



    17.3.14 / Inspiration

    Pocahontas' Rings

    Leder-Fransen an Taschen, plakative Drucke und geometrischer Schmuck zeigen es an: Die handwerklichen Looks der amerikanischen Ureinwohner geben diesen Frühling den Trend an. Mit den richtigen Accessoires verwandelt ihr im Handumdrehen ein einfaches Outfit aus Jeans und Shirt in einen angesagten Styling. Diese ausgefallenen Ringe sind dabei nur der Anfang: Ketten, Armreifen und mehr in tollen rot-schwarzen Design findet ihr jetzt in Eurem I AM Store.

    English Version

    Leather fringes on bags, bold prints and geometric jewelry show: The handcrafted looks of the American native create a new trend this spring. The right accessories turn a simple outfit with a jeans and a shirt into a trendy styling. These fancy rings are just the start: Find necklaces, bracelets and more in our great red and black design at your I AM store.

    12.3.14 / Color Trend

    Spring Pastels

    With spring on the near horizon, we are looking for statement pieces in a fresh color palette: We're talking pastels. From light buttercup yellows to the lightest mint, from the palest pinks to heavenly sky blues. We are ready for a strong pieces in a soft palette. I AM's new collection Gigi fulfills all our needs and has just arrived in stores. Shining colliers, wide bracelets and dangling earrings are just some of the pieces we love. Check your store for a fantastic selection of rings, cuffs and necklaces. There are styles for every taste and occasion. From sophisticated to cutting edge. We love having great choices!


    English Version

    Protect your eyes

    1001 ∑

    English Version

    10.3.14 / Protect your eyes

    Sexy Sunglasses

    This season sunglasses take a step beyond protecting your eyes and become the ultimate fashion statement of the summer. Varieties are endless and suit every style. They have been up and down the international runways in all quirky shapes and colors. With the weather getting warmer, I AM's sunglasses collection is hitting the stores, too. From round shapes in tortoise to geometric frames in bright reds the moderate models start. Fashion fast forward: Patterned frames with flowers or abstract prints. Mirrored lenses in rainbow colors are an absolute must have style! And real trendsetters go straight for cat-eye shapes in gold or black statement frames with romantic golden lace. The only rule this summer is: Make it an eye-catcher!

    Trend Styles

    All the ∏
    Pretty Birds

    English Version

    5.3.14 / Trend Styles

    All the Pretty Birds

    Feathers have been a popular adornment in fashion for a long time. Ostriches, marabous, and peacocks were already prominent with designers like Chanel and Dior almost a century ago. But while wearing feathers on your skirt or tops might be a little tricky sometime – you do not want to look like a chicken after all – I AM decided to use the feather as a motive for jewelry. A lot more subtle, a lot more wearable. Our designers took a great color inspiration especially from the beautiful peacock and developed a series of jewelry in tempting, deep colors and delicate shapes. Now, those make you a pretty bird, too.

    28.2.14 / Fashion Item

    Arm Party

    Friday night is the time to party! In this case it is the time for an arm party with lots of cool bracelets and cuffs. They are our new Fashion Items in I AM stores and all we can say is: The more, the better. Maybe something sweet and sophisticated for work or flashy and glam for a night out: It is all there.

    English Version

    From blinking panther eyes to rocking studs to the latest color trends. So, if your jewelry box is in need of a new bauble, too: Head to your closest I AM dealer and get yourself some nice bracelets.

    YSTRDY Watches

    Time to buy
    a new watch

    English Version

    21.2.14 / YSTRDY Watches

    Time to get a new Watch

    What time is it? Time to get a new, wonderful watch by our favorite brand YSTRDY. What we like about them especially? Cool styles for great prices. YSTRDY watches are starting at 22,95 Euro, so getting a new watch is no longer a huge investment and we can add a new style to our latest looks whenever we want. Right now we are eyeing these rose-gold and silver styles, great with the new spring fashion. From delicate bracelet-like styles to massive chronograph models. Lovely details like rhine-stone lunettes and soft engravings give every watch its own character. Being punctual has never been more trendy!



    English Version

    17.2.14 / Hairstyles

    Pretty Ponytails

    We all know these days. We are in a rush in the morning and the mane just does not turn into the silky waves we are hoping for, but it seems to keep looking like we just came out of bed. It is a classical bad hair day. After 30 minutes of unsuccessfully trying to tame our hair, it is time for an emergency plan. In our case that often means: ponytail. This easy hairdo never fails, but it is also not very exciting. Stylish as we are, we just found a way to add some sass to it anyways. Because our hair cuffs have so much more to offer than a regular rubber band. With delicate shapes and shining metals, they turn a simple ponytail in a fashion statement, from romantic to bohemian. So, bad hair day problem solved in style!

    Color Trend

    Spring ∏

    English Version

    13/2/14 Color Trend

    Spring Pastells

    First signs of spring? All right, the pastels are back. We are starting to ring in the new season with an icy hue of mint. There is pastel trend that is going forward strongly, which is great news to us, because we are in love with the soft hues. Coral, mint, soft yellows: We will see a lot of those pastels this spring. Starting now! With March just around the corner, we love to combine the light turquoise shade with our marine inspired outfits. Navy and white stripes with a mint-colored bag? Check! White-blue-mint scarf on our denim jacket? Double-check. That does not only sound fresh, it looks fresh as well.

    13.1.14 / Fashion Item

    Give me more Rings!

    Have you noticed that more is more lately, especially when it comes to rings? Reason enough to make different size rings our Fashion Item of the month. Wear them on every phalanx of your fingers. And on every finger. From narrow and delicate to wide and massive, you will find what you are looking for at your I AM store right now. Single or in practical sets. No matter what your personal taste, there is no way around this trend in 2014!

    English Version

    30.12.13. / Must Have

    Party Clutch

    Another year is over, another festive party just around the corner. We are guessing, you already know, what you want to wear at that big bash tomorrow. We have our option ready as well. Sparkly dress: waiting. High heels: Ready for dancing (heel pads included).

    English Version

    Glitzy I AM jewelry picked out – statement necklaces or impressive earrings. But one thing is still bothering us: we need the right bag. Luckily, the great YSTRDY collection just has the cutest styles in store. From encrusted boxy shapes to iridescent clutches or sequins deals. So, let's do a last minute run to the store and get party perfect!

    Fashion Item


    English Version

    16.12.13 / Fashion Item

    Gemstone Earrings

    Wether you are planning to sass up a casual outfit or go evening gown glamour look for the holidays, a pair of glitzy statement earrings is the right accessory to do the job. So, we put a number of glittering baubles in store, that will brighten up any festive night. With giant gemstones, that reflect club lights just as well as christmas candles, you can never go wrong. From classic brilliant chandeliers to oversized studs, from deep blues to bright whites or sexy reds: As usual I AM dazzles you with an extraordinaire, yet budget friendly selection - we know, you have to buy a lot of christmas presents, too! Now, who said, ornaments where for christmas trees only?

    15.10.13 / Love Song

    The first time ever I saw your face

    The first time ever I saw your face
    I thought the sun rose in your eyes
    And the moon and the star
    Were the gifts you gave
    To the dark and the endless skies
    My love

    English Version

    And the first time ever I kissed your mouth
    I felt the earth move in my hands
    Like the trembling heart of a captive bird
    That was there at my command, my love

    By Roberta Flack

    Looking Good

    20.4.14 / Special Events

    Happy Easter

    Frohe Ostern, ihr lieben Häschen! Wir wünschen Euch ein tolles Osterfest im Kreise Eurer Lieben, schönstes Frühlingswetter und glitzernde Schmetterlinge!

    Happy Easter, you precious bunnies. We wish you a great Easter celebration with you rloved ones, the best spring weather and sparkling butterflies!

    English Version

    16.4.14 / Special Event

    Midseason Sale

    Frühling, Sommer, Herbst und Winter sind toll, aber unsere Lieblingsjahreszeit ist und bleibt der Sale. Und der ist gerade ganz frisch in den I AM Store eingetroffen. Finde tolle Einzelstücke zu sensationellen Preisen, denn wir brauchen mehr Platz für die neuen Sommertrends. Aber beeil Dich, bevor das Angebot endet!


    English Version

    Spring, summer, fall and winter are great, but Sale is and will always be our favorite season. And it just arrived all fresh at our stores. Find great and unique pieces at sensational price points: we are making space for our new summer collection. But hurry, offer ends soon!

    DIY Tip

    Eye Clutch

    English Version

    6.1.14 / DIY Tip

    Eye Clutch

    Some call them evil eyes, we call them awesome. Ever since Kenzo dazzeled us with their popular print, we wanted to have a little eye design for ourselves. Another case for a great DIY. All you need is a clutch, bag or even a piece of garement, a white edding, super glue and a handful of rhinestones. First, mark the areas for the eyes with a cutout of the orinigal shape. Then draw your outlines with your white edding. If the background you are working on is black, you can correct small mistakes with a black marker. If you are working on a color, you will like to paint the pupils and lids black as well, for a good definition. Then complete the pupils and lashes. At last glue a clear rhinstone in the corner of each eye. Voila, cute designer piece made by you!

    13.12.13. / New Stores

    I AM opens

    Yes, it is true, we just recently opened a series of new stores for you, we are coming closer! For example a nice store in Italy in Bolzano, or in Frankfurt's new mall Skyline Plaza. Or more exotic? Visit our stores in Istanbul and Qatar. And a lovely and sunny new store just set tent in St. Clotilde on La Reunion. We are going places and you will always be up to date with our store finder, so you will never miss your closest location! Enjoy our new stores!

    English Version

    Tips From The Team


    English Version

    17.11.13 / Tips From The Team


    What is it about Stockholm? Is it because it's the home of some of our favorite fashion brands, is it the laid-back lifestyle? However, it is the city, where our team does our seasonal photo shot. And they always come back so inspired. And these are the places, they like best: Contemporary photo-gallery Fotografiska at Stadsgårdshamnen 22 for exhibitions, Café Saturnus at Snickarbacken 7 for the best coffee in town and Snickarbacken 7 at -haha- Snickarbacken 7 for some great fashion and interior shopping. And after a long days of walking the city, you can find the best dinner at Volt at Kommendörsgatan 16. Oh yes, it is all these little places and the great people, that make Stockholm a very special city. 

    Travel in Style

    New York

    English Version

    14.09.13 / Travel in Style

    New York

    Lately some lovely ladies from the I AM team got on a plane and jetted over to our favorite Metropolis New York. They went for business, after all I AM is an international brand with store in the USA as well, but brought back a couple of charming tips for a perfect New York Day. Have a great breakfast,  enjoy the great coffee and lovely croissants at The City Bakery. Then stroll down 5th Avenue from Union Square to Central Park for some great shopping. Take a lunch break with a salad from Wholefoods and relax with a picnic in Central Park. Later go down to Soho, walk the Highline and taste the great ice-cream from La Newoyokeria.

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    Great Sites For

    Happy Homes

    1. Peak into creative people's homes with The Selby.
    2. Pimp you Ikea furniture with the great ideas at Ikea Hackers.
    3. Young, fresh and approachable styles come with Couch Magazine.
    4. Like an invitation to a friend's home: Freunde von Freunden.
    5. Flip through the online version like a real issue of Covet Garden.
    6. Skandinavian interior styles at its best from Pejper.
    7. Mother of all interior architecture magazines: Architectural Digest.
    8. Inspirational Pinterest boards for interior lovers: Dwell Studio.
    9. Knows perfect solutions from bath to bedroom: Remodelista.
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    Tie The Knot

    I AM A Bride

    1. Two little words, one big preparation. Help at Project Wedding.
    2. Feeling crafty? Lots of DIY wedding ideas at DIY Wedding.
    3. Picture it! Great wedding photos can be found at Wildflower Photos.
    4. Center pieces selected by America’s queen of homes Martha Stewart.
    5. Nostalgic ideas that get you a romantic mood at OnceWed.
    6. The cutest guest favors and more merry ideas at Lovely Stuff.
    7. Creative wedding ideas and inspiration at The Ivory Dahlia.
    8. Great inspiration for wedding invitations at the Wedding Chicks.
    9. Cute DIY for nervous grooms. Against Cold Feet.
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    Competion requirements for our I AM addicted sweepstakes: Those over 16 years of age at the time of participation are eligible to participate. Employees of beeline GmbH, its subsidiaries and their relatives are eligible to participate, but not to win. By participating in the competition, you agree to the applicable conditions of participation.

    There is no right of appeal.

    We reserve the right to disqualify and to exclude from the draw those individual participants who manipulate – or attempt to manipulate – the participation process, the system and/or the draw/sides and/or who breach the conditions of participation or moral standards and/or who otherwise attempt to influence the draw in any other unfair and/or unreasonable way.

    The draw starts on 24th of January 2014 and ends on 14th of February 2014. The draw takes place on Thursday after the competition.

    The winners will be determined after the competition closes and notified by e-mail. If no response is received within a reasonable amount of time, the claim to the prize will expire and a replacement winner will be drawn. The prize cannot be transferred to a third party. No cash alternative is available.;

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